Daylight Savings



Daylight Savings is an extension to the preferences roll in setup. After installing you can change the various daylight saving times in the Newton. You can add new daylight savings too and assign a daylight saving to a country (the assignment to a city you do as usual with Time Zone). This becomes necessary since in some countries the daylight saving time was changed after finishing the Newton ROM or - as in Australia and New Zealand - the necessary daylight savings won't exist.



Please make a backup first. It's always a good idea to backup your device before you install a new program. Even if we have tested all of our programs very intense, because of the variety of existing programs and system configurations no one can guarantee that no problem will occur.

Transfer the Dalight.pkg file to your Newton OS device by using an appropriate package installation program, like NBU, NCU or the Newton Package Installer.

After installing you can find Daylight Savings in the extras folder 'Setup' by tapping 'Prefs.'.



Start the program by selecting 'Daylight Savings' from the preferences roll.

daylight.gif (2931 Byte)

Modifying a daylight saving time

Select the desired daylight saving time by tapping in the list. Now you can change the offset and the points of beginning end ending.

Add a new daylight saving time

To add a new daylight saving, tap on the New button, choose a name for the new daylight saving and tap 'Save'. Now can select and change the new daylight saving from the list as described above.

Assigning a daylight saving to a country

If you wish to assign a daylight saving to a country, tap on the action button and select 'Assign to a country' after selecting the daylight saving. Choose a country from the picker and tap assign.

Remove a daylight saving

You can delete a selected daylight saving by tapping the action button and select 'Delete'. To avoid confusing other applications - like Time Zone - there must be done a little more work to delete the daylight saving. Because of this, you will see some progress slips.