Speed Dragon/PPP



This is a modem setup for the Hagenuk Speed Dragon ISDN box for PPP connections.



Please make a backup first. It's always a good idea to backup your device before you install a new program. Even if we have tested all of our programs very intense, because of the variety of existing programs and system configurations no one can guarantee that no problem will occur.

Transfer the SDPPP.pkg file to your Newton OS device by using an appropriate package installation program, like NBU, NCU or the Newton Package Installer. This is a so called 'Auto Remove' package. This means, it will install on your Newton, do some work and remove itself at the end.



This program has no user interface. Instead you can select 'Speed Dragon/PPP' from the Modem picker i.E. in the preferences roll.

The modem setup will talk to the Speed Dragon with 115200 bit/s always. So you must set the data rate in the Speed Dragon fix on that. As an external ISDN adaptor the Speed Dragon has several link protocols. As the name shows up we have implemented the PPP variant. Contact us if you are wish to use another protocol.



If you accidentally remove the Speed Dragon/PPP from the modem list, simply install the package again.


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