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Power Supply Properties

This control panel will give more settings than usual on the most Windows CE devices. So you can completely disable the device and backlight power off even if on battery. Thats usefull for emptying the batteries to avoid the memory effect of the accu pack. Almost everyone was in the situation that s/he has to clear the entire Windows CE device. It is very annoying to remove the main and the backup battery for doing that. With Power Supply Properties you can erase the most devices with some taps.


powersupply.gif (4887 Byte)

Version and Platforms

Version 3.4 Palmsize PC Handheld PC
Pocket PC  

Whats new

  • Compatible with Pocket PC Casio E-115G

Shareware, $9

Click here to buy it online via Kagi! Click here to buy it online via Kagi!

As comment in the Kagi order form please enter the Owner Name as shown in the registration screen of our software.

Support and Updates

Download (the unregistered version doesn't save the settings)

Palmsize PC (64 KB) Handheld PC (73 KB)
Pocket PC (88 KB)

With Windows CE services: Connect your Windows CE device with your PC. Extract the archive in a folder of your desktop PC. Open that folder and start the file Setup.exe. Install the program using the default directory for application installation.
Without Windows CE Services (Directly loaded from the Internet into your HPC: Extract the archive in a new folder on your HPC using i.e. Pocket Unzip. Douple tap the file xxxSH3.CAB or xxxMIPS.CAB depending on the processor in your HPC.

Read Documentation online (is included as Online Help also)