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SBM NE2000 Driver

Not all NE2000 compatible network adapters will work properly with the NE2000 driver supplied with the Windows CE Services CD. So for many cards the question for the driver name will be asked again on every insertion of the card. Our driver will ask once and never again.

Our driver has been awarded the 5 Cow award from CEmonster.
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Version and Platforms

Version 1.1 Handheld PC

What's new

  • You can rename the file SBM-NE2000.dll into the name of your choice. For example renaming the file into NE2000.dll will replace the original file in the ROM of some devices.

Shareware, $9

Click here to buy it online via Kagi! Click here to buy it online via Kagi!

As comment in the Kagi order form please enter the Owner Name as shown in the registration screen of our software.

Support and Updates

Download (the unregistered version will work a few minutes each time you start it)

Handheld PC SH processor (31 KB) Handheld PC MIPS processor (40 KB)

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