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The Safe

The Safe is an application for maintaining the serial numbers, online passwords, credit card PINs and other things. All the data can be protected by real encryption - not only password protecting the program byself.


thesafe.gif (5234 Byte)

Version and Platforms

Version 3.0.1 Palmsize PC Handheld PC
Handheld PC Pro Pocket PC

What's new

  • Error message on Windows CE 2.11 devices is gone
  • Version for Pocket PC.
  • Usage of color for the appropriate devices.
  • Bug corrected regarding the expiration date of the try-out version.

Shareware, $19
(registered users of Serial Numbers can register for only $10!)

Click here to buy it online via Kagi! Click here to buy it online via Kagi!

As comment in the Kagi order form please enter the Owner Name as shown in the registration screen of our software.

Support and Updates

Download (the unregistered version will work for 30 days)

Palmsize PC
(185 KB)
Handheld PC
(107 KB)
Handheld PC Pro
(186 KB)
Pocket PC
(144 KB)

Of course the size of the program file of The Safe is significantly smaller because the download files contains the program files for several different machines. At the moment the size of The Safe is about 100 KB.

Read Documentation online


With Windows CE services: Connect your Windows CE device with your PC. Extract the archive in a folder of your desktop PC. Open that folder and start the file Setup.exe.
Without Windows CE Services (Directly loaded from the Internet into your HPC): Extract the archive in a new folder on your HPC using i.e. Pocket Unzip. Douple tap the file xxxSH3.CAB or xxxMIPS.CAB depending on the processor in your HPC.

The program contains an online help. To use it please choose 'Help' from the Windows Menu on Palmsize PCs while The Safe is active. On HPCs please tap the question mark in the title bar of The Safe.

Updating the existing version

Simply install the new version over the installed one. The existing data will remain usable.